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  • R25,000.00

    A compact, sustainable retreat. This home offers just enough. Perfect for those who long for a quiet place of refuge that is in keeping with sustainable practices. This home is perched gently on its landscape, creating the least amount of disruption to its surroundings. It is the ideal oasis for the eco-conscious user.

    Features: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Double Carport, Open plan Kitchen, Dining & Living, Covered Patio

  • R40,000.00

    A Four Bedroom Open Plan Home Design

    A robust haven. This home plan calls for homeowners in search for something unique, modern and bold. The exterior, cladded in corrugated iron sheeting, stands out in its surroundings, undoubtedly making a statement. The interior is spacious and durable with the abundant use of steel, glass and concrete. The bedrooms upstairs are separate from the main living space downstairs, making it the ideal architectural plan for entertainers. The perfect home design for the daring.
    Features: 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Garages: 2, Open-plan Kitchen, Dining & Living, Scullery, Staff quarters, Pool, Covered patio

  • R17,500.00

    The perfect home for a small family or those wanting to live ‘lighter’. This home was inspired by Cutler Anderson Architects’ Washington Residence and aims to keep things clean, simple and linear. A beautiful glazed northern façade links the bedrooms and living spaces to the natural surroundings ensuring plenty of fresh air and light. Movement and circulation through the home becomes effortless with its straightforward orthogonal layouts and ease of access. Compact, practical, affordable without sacrificing any aesthetics or style!

    Features: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Open Carport, Study Nook, Open plan Kitchen, Outdoor shower outside main bedroom, Dining & Living, Scullery, Staff quarters, Pool, Covered Patio

  • R35,000.00

    A Three Bedroom Contemporary House Plan

    A dreamer’s cove. First impressions should last forever, and this is exactly what this house will achieve. This beautiful three-bedroom home opens up into a dreamy passageway and an eye-catching foyer. Occupants are then taken on a journey to the main living spaces. The main entertainment areas connect to a cosy outside patio, boma and round swimming pool. The bedrooms are removed from the main body of the house, allowing for added privacy and safety in that specific section of the home. This house plan is ideal for individuals looking for a modern, highly functional home lay-out with safety at its core.

    Features: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Garages, Double Carport, Open-plan Kitchen, Dining & Living, Scullery, Staff Quarters, Pool, Boma, Covered Patio

  • R38,000.00

    A Three Bedroom Modern One (Single) Storey Home Design

    A warm and welcoming residential architectural plan, which makes use of natural sunlight to brighten up the interior spaces. Living spaces are positioned around an outside living area and swimming pool, ideal for entertaining. On entry, occupants in this house will walk down a modern foyer and be greeted by the sound of running water and a koi pond. The main living space unfolds onto the outside covered patio, ensuring a seamless connection to the natural surroundings. Each of the three bedrooms have their own private wing. A spacious design ideal for an expanding family in search for a place to call home.
    Features: 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2 Garages, Study, Playroom, Open-plan Kitchen, Dining & Living, Scullery, Staff quarters, Pool, Covered patio

  • R40,000.00

    A Four Bedroom Open-Plan Modern Home Design

    The glass link. This home plan consists of two heavy bodies, connected with a light tunnel in the middle, which acts as the core of the home and houses the kitchen, living and dining spaces. The bedrooms are located within these two heavy bodies, allowing for more privacy. The transparent central space spills out onto a deck, expanding the interior out, towards the landscape. An ideal home for a family of four, in need of a generous space that is connected to its landscape.
    Features: 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 Garages, Open-plan Kitchen, Dining & Living, Scullery, Dry yard, Pool, Covered Patio

  • R60,000.00

    A Four Bedroom Open-Plan Modern House Plan

    Cosy the lux! Comfort and luxury comes together effortlessly in this home through the use of large open living spaces, internal courtyards, and clerestories. Watch and enjoy as natural light filters through the glass facades of this beautiful home. A differentiation in levels awards this design a unique twist and keeps the occupants interactive with their surroundings. This home spills out onto a glamorous covered patio, pool, and boma – perfect for an erf with a spectacular view!

    Features: 4 Bedrooms, 4.5 Bathrooms, 2 Garages, Open-plan Kitchen, Dining & Living, Scullery, Staff Quarters, Dry Yard, Pool, Boma, Covered Patio

  • R65,000.00

    A Four Bedroom Contemporary One Storey Home Design

    Where the inside meets the outside. This home design welcomes the occupants with a beautiful Koi pond and the peaceful sound of running water. The glass façade not only frames the open-plan leisure spaces but also draws your attention to a generous covered patio and lap pool as well as the natural beauty of the landscape. This home is the ultimate entertainer’s house, and features the kitchen, dining and living spaces at its heart. It also boasts four spacious bedrooms, each complemented by their own bathroom, a foyer, study, staff quarters and a courtyard. A simplistic home, yet comfortable and connected to its surroundings.
    Features: 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 Garages, Playroom, Study, Open-plan Kitchen, Dining & Living, Scullery, Staff quarters, Pool, Covered patio, Koi pond

  • R18,000.00

    A Two Bedroom Luxury Home Design

    A compact home offering just enough! The perfect luxury home plan for homeowners who do not need a lot of space. A bespoke design set out to provide a balance between living and private spaces. A bedroom on either wing of the home, holds the central living space spilling out onto a small deck and swimming pool. A compact home offering just enough!
    Features: 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Single Garage, Carport, Study Nook, Open-plan Kitchen, Dining and Living, Scullery, Staff quarters, Pool, Covered patio